Beadalon 49 Strand .015 1000ft


1 Spool 49 strand .015 1000' . The .015" (.38mm) is a thinner gauge with all the flexibility of the 49 strand wires. The bright is stainless steel color. This has an ideal wire size for beaded projects with small hole beads. They do make thinner and thicker versions of this wire. The 49 strands refers to the flexibility of the wire. 49 strands making it the most flexible on the market. This is the wire of choice for designers of fine jewelry. 
Purchase with confidence on this well known brand manufactured in the USA.
49 strand wire:
- SoftestABC Most Supple
- Maximum Flexibility
- Maximum Drape
- Maximum Kink Resistance
- Maximum Abrasion Resistance
- Superior Strength